Tangata whenua are kaitiaki for the environment. Their views and experience can assist applications.

Te Mana Rauhī Taiao/The Environmental Protection Authority values the knowledge of tangata whenua alongside that of contemporary science. We actively seek input from Māori into our activities and decision making.

We recognise that:

  • Māori cultural practices have a strong environmental basis, which enhances environmental management processes
  • iwi feel an obligation, as kaitiaki, to protect the natural world
  • spirituality is integral to the connection between Māori culture and tradition, and the environment.

When making decisions about environmental management, we proactively take into account Māori interests and the principles of the Treaty of Waitangi. We’re required to do this under relevant legislation, including the Environmental Protection Authority Act 2011.

Consultation during the application process

Individuals or businesses that are planning to submit an application or proposal to us must engage with Māori groups whose interests could be affected by the application.

This flowchart shows you the different stages of the application process and when consultation and opportunities for input may occur.

How we can help

Engaging with an applicant

Kaupapa Kura Taiao, the EPA's Māori Policy and Operations Group, can provide advice and support to iwi that are involved in engaging with an applicant. Occasionally, for large applications, we put together reference groups to provide reports on the impact of the application to Māori.

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Networking and training

We organise hui for Te Herenga - our network of iwi resource and environmental managers, and wānanga for iwi representatives. These provide opportunities for discussion, networking, and learning about environmental management processes, relevant issues and perspectives.

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Whakapā mai

Get in touch with us if you’d like to hear about applications that are significant to Māori.

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