Complaints and feedback

Use this form to make a complaint or provide feedback about our information-gathering activities, as detailed in our transparency statement.

Your feedback or complaint needs to relate to our information-gathering activities in relation to:

  • law enforcement
  • regulatory compliance or
  • protective security functions.

Our response time

We aim to acknowledge your complaint or feedback within five working days, with a substantive response to complaints within 20 working days.

Withholding your details

We may need to provide the detail of your feedback or complaint to person(s) named in the feedback or complaint, so that we can investigate and respond appropriately. If you would prefer to remain anonymous (and have your name and email address withheld), please advise below.

Please note that if we cannot pass on all of the information in a complaint to person(s) named in the complaint, it may limit our ability to investigate and/or respond.

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