Performance Indicators

Each year our Ministers set out their expectations for us, and our Board sets Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for our Chief Executive.

Letter of Expectations

The annual Letter of Expectations from our Ministers sets out Government-wide priorities, high-level priorities for the EPA, and operational expectations.

The letter informs our Statement of Performance Expectations, which is one of our key accountability documents. We also receive an Enduring Letter of Expectations from the Minister of Finance and the Minister of State Services, which is sent to all Crown entities, and sets out the Government’s vision and approach.

Read our Ministers' Letters of Expectations and the Enduring Letter of Expectation to Statutory Crown Entities 2019

Key Performance Indicators

The Chief Executive's Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are set to deliver on our vision and strategy.

Our vision and strategy are explained in our Statement of Intent which sets out our strategic objectives and outlines what we want to achieve for New Zealanders and the New Zealand environment, and how we propose to do this work.

See our Chief Executive's KPIs for 2019/2020

Read our Statement of Intent for 2019-2023 (pdf, 1.4MB)

Read previous years Statements of Intent

Statement of Performance Expectations

Our Statement of Performance Expectations sets out what we will achieve over the forthcoming year, including performance measures. It complements our Statement of Intent which sets out our strategic intentions.

Read our Statement of Performance Expectations for the year 2019/20 (pdf, 3.2MB)

Read our previous years Statement of Performance Expectations