Resources and publications

From annual reports to statements of intent, find all of our published documents here.

Monitoring and reporting

From emissions trading to 1080, we report on a number of areas of our work.

1080 aerial operators' reports

1080 is one of the most closely monitored substances in New Zealand. Used to control pests, it helps protect our native flora and fauna.

Methyl Bromide annual reports

The 2017 methyl bromide annual reports and all subsequent reports must be submitted to WorkSafe.

Corporate publications

Looking for in-depth reviews of our work, or to read about our strategies and plans for the future? Our corporate documents will help you.


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How to get hold of our information (OIA requests)

We’re an open book. Find out where to access the public information we hold and how to ask for other information from us.

Transparency Statement

Our Transparency Statement explains how we gather information for regulatory compliance, law enforcement and security risk assessments.

Social media competition terms and conditions

Terms and conditions for promotions run through the Environmental Protection Authority social media channels.

Key Performance Indicators

Each year our Board sets Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for the Chief Executive.