Application to introduce the herbicide Boxer Gold

Your views are sought on an application to introduce a new herbicide to control weeds in potatoes.

Syngenta Crop Protection Limited has applied to import for release a new herbicide, Boxer Gold, in New Zealand.

Boxer Gold is in the form of an emulsifiable concentrate and contains two active ingredients, S-metolachlor and prosulfocarb. Prosulfocarb is new to New Zealand; S-metolachlor is already present in a number of approved substances.

If approved, this herbicide would be used to control various broadleaf and grass weeds in potatoes. It would be used prior to the emergence of the crop or until 25 percent potato shoot emergence.

The herbicide would be applied by professional users only via tractor-driven boom spray.

The applicant says that the risks associated with the use of Boxer Gold are acceptable provided label directions are followed.

The active ingredient prosulfocarb is already approved in the European Union, as well as in Australia and Japan.

The active ingredient S-metolachlor is approved in New Zealand, the European Union, Australia, Japan, Canada and the USA.

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