Tamarind Taranaki Limited

On 8 March 2018, Tamarind Taranaki Limited lodged applications for marine consent and marine discharge consent for development drilling activities in the Tui Field, offshore Taranaki.

Tamarind’s applications are for the drilling of up to five sidetrack development wells from up to four of its existing wells, including the associated logistical and environmental monitoring activities. Tamarind's applications also include a marine discharge consent to discharge offshore processing drainage from deck drains aboard a drill rig.

Latest update - 13 July 2018: The Board has released Minute 1 in response to a memorandum from Tamarind requesting a change to the Inquiry Procedures. You can view Minute 1 and Tamarind's memorandum in the Correspondence to and from the Board page. We have updated the Inquiry Procedures in response to Minute 1. The updated Inquiry Procedures can be found under the Decision makers and procedures page.

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