Reassessment of paraquat

We sought your views on a reassessment of the herbicide paraquat and associated formulations.

The submission period for the reassessment of the herbicide paraquat and associated formulations closed on 30 April 2019.

An update to the assessments and proposals presented in the application form is being prepared. This report will take into account information provided in the submission period, and will be publicly available prior to a hearing. A date has not yet been confirmed for a hearing for this reassessment.

Paraquat is included in our priority chemicals list, which was unveiled in October 2018 as part of our revamped reassessments programme.

This is the first active ingredient from the priority chemicals list to be reassessed.


Grounds to reassess paraquat were granted in July 2017, based on new information obtained in an application for a paraquat-containing formulation that was declined in 2016.

The published documents for these applications can be found here:

View the documents for the application for grounds for reassessment

View the documents for the declined application

This reassessment application contains further refined human health and environmental risk assessments, as well as an economic benefits assessment.

These risk and benefits assessments use data obtained in the call for information which was open between July and September 2017.

The application documents

Read the application form, summary and submission guidelines and Appendix