Application to introduce Method 240 SL Herbicide

We sought your views on an application to introduce Method 240 SL Herbicide, a product containing an active ingredient new to New Zealand, to control wilding conifers and other woody weeds.

Bayer CropScience Pty Ltd has applied for approval to import the product Method 240 SL Herbicide. The active ingredient is aminocyclopyrachlor, an active ingredient new to New Zealand.

Application update

The public submission period for this application closed on 31 July 2019.

Information received by the applicant and submitters is now being considered by a decision-making committee (DMC). The DMC will decide whether the substance can be imported or manufactured for use in New Zealand, and what controls (rules) may be necessary to manage any environmental or human health concerns.

Further updates on the next steps in this application process will be posted on this page in due course.

The application

If approved, Method 240 SL Herbicide would be used to control wilding conifers and other woody weeds on non-crop farm land and conservation land such as native bush, recreational and tourist areas and on industrial sites such as railways, roadways and utility rights of way.

The herbicide would be broadcast sprayed on target plants via either ground-based or aerial application methods.

The applicant says the risk associated with Method 240 SL Herbicide is low and proposes a 9.1D classification (slightly harmful to the aquatic environment) for this product. The applicant also proposes that the herbicide be applied at a lower rate of active ingredient compared to current chemical control options, and would contribute to the protection of indigenous land and ecosystems from invasive wilding conifers and other woody weed species.

The applicant notes that the active ingredient, aminocyclopyrachlor, is approved in Australia, Canada and the USA and the formulated product, Method 240 SL Herbicide, is registered in Canada and the USA for similar uses.

The application documents

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