Application to import Revystar Fungicide to combat cereal diseases

We have received an application from BASF New Zealand Limited (BASF) to introduce Revystar Fungicide into New Zealand.

Application update

The public submission period for this application closed on 26 August 2019.

Information received from the applicant and submitters is now being reviewed, and will be considered by a decision-making committee (DMC). The DMC will decide whether the substance can be imported or manufactured for use in New Zealand, and what controls (rules) may be necessary to manage any environmental or human health concerns.

Further updates on the next steps in this application process, including information on the hearing, if one is to be held, will be posted on this page in due course.

The application

One of the active ingredients in Revystar Fungicide, mefentrifluconazole, has been approved for use in Europe, the USA and in Australia, but would be new to New Zealand. The other active ingredient, fluxapyroxad, is currently approved in New Zealand.

Revystar Fungicide is an emulsifiable concentrate. The applicant is seeking approval for both ground based and aerial application methods for use on cereal crops to combat brown rust and other diseases.

The applicant proposes that Revystar Fungicide will provide a new mode of action against fungi and would be an important tool for farmers in reducing the development of resistance.

The application documents

Read the application documents and submission guidelines