Application to change how an insecticide is used

FMC New Zealand Ltd has proposed a change to the restrictions for the ground-based use of an insecticide.

FMC New Zealand Ltd, manufacturer and importer of Exirel insecticide, is proposing that the current restrictions for ground-based use are eased to also allow the spraying of brassicas from helicopters, which is currently not allowed.

The hearing

The hearing took place for this application at Area Events, 1 O'Reily Avenue, Te Aro, Wellington on Wednesday 12 December 2018. The hearing was adjourned.

New information

Prior to the hearing a submitter (Apiculture New Zealand) sought access to letters of support to the application that the applicant had asked to be treated as confidential.

The hearing was adjourned to allow this request, and the reasons provided for the letters to be confidential, to be considered. Letters of support for the proposed changes have now been reclassified as not confidential.

We are now releasing the letters of support for further comments by those people and organisations that were parties at the public hearing in December 2018.

Comments can be made by email to 

Find out more about the additional submission period

Read the combined letters of support

The application

Exirel is currently used to treat cabbage white moth, diamondback moth, soybean looper, European leaf miner, and to suppress grey cabbage aphid.

The applicant also wants us to consider aerial buffer zones and new benefits for Exirel as part of our reassessment.

Grounds to reassess Exirel were granted in August 2018 because of significant new information related to the effects of this hazardous substance.

Read the application documents