Reassessment of benzyl alkonium chlorides

We have made a decision on our reassessment of a group of surfactants (BACs).

A Decision-making Committee has now found that proposed changes to the hazard classification for BACs would have an overall positive effect and the risks are considered to be negligible with the appropriate rules in place.

The changes include more accurate labelling of these substances, and the introduction of environmental hazard classifications for some BACs, which were not previously in place.

Read our reassessment decision for BACs (pdf, 1.04 MB)

Suppliers, manufacturers, and users of chemical products should read the decision to check if their products are affected by the changes.

New hazard classifications and prescribed controls are provided in the approval document for a substance.

Find out more about the new hazards classifications and controls for BACs

The application

BACs are a family of surfactants which have diverse uses, including in detergents, pesticides, veterinary medicines, timber treatments, and disinfectants.

We have reviewed the hazard classifications of BACs and substances which contain BACs, and proposed revised hazard classifications for these substances. The revisions to these hazard classifications have been informed by regulatory reviews and databases from overseas jurisdictions.

Suppliers, manufacturers, and users of chemical products should read the application documents to see whether their products are affected by the proposed changes.

Read the BACs reassessment application documents


The submission period for the BACs reassessment opened on 19 December 2019 and closed on 27 February 2020.

Read the BAC consultation submissions

We are processing this application as a modified reassessment, so only specific aspects of the approvals will be considered during the reassessment. The approvals cannot be revoked in this process.

Grounds for reassessment of BACs were established on 30 July 2019. They were decided by a Decision-making Committee, based on the availability of significant new information relating to the effects of the substances.

Read the application document for the grounds for reassessment application