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28 September 2020: DMC Minute 6 on Hearing closure

The DMC has issued Minute 6 closing the hearing of the notified Beach Energy application for a marine discharge consent.

View Minute 6 on Hearing closure 

24 September 2020: Applicant's closing submissions

Beach Energy has provided its closing legal submissions in response to DMC Minute 5.

View Beach Energy's closing legal submissions

23 September 2020: DMC Minute 5 requesting applicant's closing submissions

The DMC has issued Minute 5, following the receipt of responses to Minute 4, requesting closing submissions from the applicant in lieu of reconvening the hearing.

View DMC Minute 5 requesting closing submissions from the applicant

15 September 2020: EPA and Applicant's response to DMC Minute 4

In response to DMC Minute 4, the EPA and Beach Energy have provided further information as requested by the DMC during the hearing.

View the further information provided in response to DMC Minute 4 

10 September 2020: DMC Minute 4

The DMC has issued Minute 4 on further information requested during the hearing from EPA staff and the applicant.

View Minute 4 on further information requested during the hearing

8 September 2020: Hearing adjourned

The hearing was adjourned at 4.20 pm, at the end of day 1.

The DMC has heard from the applicant and all submitters. The hearing will not reconvene on 9 September as the DMC has some questions it needs to clarify following today's proceedings.

The DMC will formally request the information it needs in a Minute. The DMC will then consider if it needs to reconvene the hearing. 

View information presented at the hearing, listed on the hearing page, under hearing proceedings

7 September 2020: Applicant's hearing documents 

The Applicant has provided documents that it intends to refer to on 8 September 2020, the first day of the hearing. 

View the Applicant's hearing documents listed on the hearing page, under hearing proceedings

4 September 2020: Start of the Hearing 

The hearing will start on Tuesday 8 September 2020 at 10.00 am via video conference (Zoom) and will be conducted as a fully remote hearing.

Submitters will receive links to participate via Zoom video conferencing. Others can observe the hearing by following the links on 'The Hearing' page.

View information about the hearing

26 August 2020: Changes to the hearing

Following the announcement of COVID-19 Alert Levels on 24 August 2020, the DMC has issued Minute 3 advising a change of hearing operation from a face-to-face hearing to a remote hearing.

Read DMC Minute 3

The DMC has also issued a revised hearing notice in relation to the remote hearing. The hearing schedule outlines the dates and times parties are to appear at the hearing. The schedule is subject to change and may be updated regularly.

View the revised hearing notice and hearing schedule

24 August 2020: Submitter's evidence

Waitaha Taiwhenua o Waitaki Trust Board provided a statement of evidence.

Read the Submitter evidence 

14 August 2020: Applicant evidence

Beach Energy has provided its evidence to us.

Read the Applicant evidence

12 August 2020: Legal advice on the Ngā Kaihautū Tikanga Taiao (NKTT) report

In response to Decision-making Committee (DMC) Minute 1, we provided legal advice on the report (including its update) received from NKTT.

Legal advice on NKTT report

10 August 2020: Hearing notice and update to NKTT report

The DMC has issued the hearing notice. The hearing will commence at 10.00 am on Tuesday 8 September 2020, in Conference Room 1, Pacific Park Motel and Conference Centre, 22-24 Wallace Street, Dunedin. 

Information about the hearing

In response to DMC Minute 1, NKTT has provided an update to its report: 

Update to the NKTT report 

5 August 2020: Conditions Report 

In response to an information request from the DMC, we have produced a Conditions Report to provide advice on conditions offered by Beach Energy, should the DMC decide to grant the consent.

EPA Conditions Report

29 July 2020: Applicant's further information

In response to DMC Minute 1, the Applicant provided further information on Māori engagement: 

Beach Energy's further information on Māori engagement

24 July 2020: Hearing procedures

The DMC has issued hearing procedures that set out the rules and timeframe by which the hearing process will run (including the pre-hearing stage). The hearing procedures outline key dates and provide information on matters such as communicating with the DMC and other parties, provision of copies of documents, evidence requirements, the hearing, and guidelines for the media. 

Read the hearing procedures for the Beach Energy application

22 July 2020: DMC Minutes 1 and 2

The DMC has issued Minute 1 seeking additional information in respect to the NKTT report, and Minute 2 in response to memorandum from the applicant seeking an extension to the timeframe and evidence exchange timetable.

Read DMC Minutes 1 and 2, and the Applicant's memorandum to the DMC

17 July 2020: Submissions, and reports and advice received 

The submission period for the application closed on Monday 6 July 2020. The submissions received are now available.

View the submissions received

We have received several reports and advice in response to an information request from the Decision-making Committee.

View the reports and advice in response to an information request

22 May 2020: Public notification

The application for marine discharge consent was notified on Friday 22 May 2020. 

Read Beach Energy's marine discharge consent application 

Read the public notice