View the submissions and public notice for Beach Energy's application for marine discharge consent.

The application was publicly notified on 22 May 2020. The submissions period closed on 6 July 2020.

We received seven submissions on the Beach Energy marine discharge application. A summary table is provided below. 

Name of submitter Location (where they live) Wish to be heard  Decision sought 
Oil Free Otago (Rosemary Penwarden) Otago Yes Refuse
Greenpeace of New Zealand (Amanda Larsson) Auckland Yes Refuse 
Waitaha Taiwhenua o Waitaki Trust Board (Lesley Te Maiharoa -Sykes) Christchurch / Canterbury Yes Neutral
Lyndon DeVantier Taranaki Yes (via video/ teleconference) Refuse
Climate Justice Taranaki Inc. (Catherine Cheung) Taranaki Yes (via Skype) Refuse
Environment Canterbury Regional Council (Jenny Hughey) Christchurch / Canterbury No Neutral
Kate Hodgkinson Not specified No Refuse

You can read individual submissions online. Please note that personal details have been redacted from these submissions. 

Read the submissions - submissions are listed under the heading 'Submissions and/or comments - Submissions'

View the Public notice of the application (pdf, 192 KB)

View the application notification memorandum (pdf, 675 KB)