Application to change how an insecticide is used

Decision Date: 17 April 2019

The application to change how the insecticide Exirel is used has been approved and the decision is published.

FMC New Zealand Ltd, manufacturer and importer of Exirel insecticide, proposed that restrictions for ground-based use were eased to also allow the spraying of brassicas from helicopters, which was not allowed.

 Exirel is currently used to treat cabbage white moth, diamondback moth, soybean looper, European leaf miner, and to suppress grey cabbage aphid.

The applicant also wanted the EPA to consider aerial buffer zones and new benefits for Exirel as part of our reassessment.

Grounds to reassess Exirel were granted in August 2018 because of significant new information related to the effects of this hazardous substance.

The decision approving this modified reassessment application, and so allowing aerial application of Exirel from helicopters, is available here

Application documents for this reassessment