Recommendation on Ngaruroro and Clive WCO

30 August 2019

A Special Tribunal to consider a Water Conservation Order application relating to the Ngaruroro and Clive Rivers has issued its report and recommendations to the Minister for the Environment for his consideration.

A Water Conservation Order is made by an Order in Council on the recommendation of the Minister.

The application for a Water Conservation Order was made by New Zealand Fish and Game Council, Hawkes Bay Fish and Game Council, Operation Pātiki Ngāti Hori Ki Kohupātiki, Royal Forest & Bird Society of New Zealand, Whitewater NZ and Jet Boating New Zealand.

In summary, the Special Tribunal recommends:

  • the Water Conservation Order be declined for the lower part of the Ngaruroro River below the Whanawhana cableway to the river mouth, including the part of the Clive River that was included in the application
  • the Water Conservation Order be granted in part for the upper part of the Ngaruroro River above the Whanawhana cableway to the headwaters.

In the upper part of the river, the Special Tribunal found that the habitat for rainbow trout, the rainbow trout fishery, the angling and recreation amenity, the whitewater kayaking and rafting amenity, and the wild and scenic and other natural characteristics are outstanding values that warrant protection.

It has recommended some prohibitions and restrictions on what can and cannot be done in that part of the river.

The draft Water Conservation Order and the reasons for the Special Tribunal’s conclusions are contained in the report on the application, which can be viewed on our website, or in person at the following libraries:

  • Napier Public Library: 1 Tennyson Street, Napier
  • Hastings Public Library: 210 Eastbourne Street, Hastings
  • Waipukurau Public Library: Kitchener Street, Waipukurau
  • Waipawa Public Library: High Street, Waipawa

People are able to make a submission to the Environment Court about the Special Tribunal’s report. Information about this is available on the EPA’s website.

The EPA was contracted by the Ministry for the Environment to manage the application process and support the Special Tribunal.

Link to the report of the Special Tribunal

Link to the collection of information about the Ngaruroro and Clive application