Reassessment of methyl bromide

13 January 2020

We've produced a timeline to show the progress of an application to reassess methyl bromide.

We have received an application from Stakeholders in Methyl Bromide Reduction Inc (the applicant) to reassess methyl bromide, a hazardous substance used in quarantine and pre-shipment fumigations.

Every application under the Hazardous Substances and New Organisms Act 1996 (the HSNO Act) follows a statutory process towards a decision being made. There are several steps to the processing of any application.

We have determined that this application will follow a modified reassessment process and will include a public notification process, at which time, we will invite public submissions, and include a public hearing if one is requested.

This timeline identifies what has happened to date on the application to reassess methyl bromide, and when it happened, in chronological order. 

Read the application documents and submissions for this reassessment 



What happened in this step?

10 February 2020 DMC issue directions and minutes (WGT007 and WGT008)

The Decision-making Committee (DMC) has acknowledged the expert conferencing that took place on 30 January 2020, and appreciates that the experts want more time to finalise the information to go into further air dispersion modelling. The DMC has issued a seventh Direction and Minute (WGT007).

The DMC has confirmed that the applicant will be required to conduct the necessary further air dispersion modelling required to understand how far methyl bromide can travel. The DMC has issued an eighth Direction and Minute (WGT008).

30 January 2020 Expert conferencing regarding air dispersion modelling Expert conferencing regarding air dispersion modelling was held, and the experts have produced a Joint Witness Statement.
28 January 2020  DMC issue direction and minute (WGT006) The DMC has extended the scope of the expert conferencing following a request by the applicant. The DMC has issued a sixth Direction and Minute (WGT006).

13 January 2020

DMC issue direction and minute (WGT005)

The DMC has confirmed a new date for expert conferencing following information provided as directed by WGT004. The DMC has issued a fifth Direction and Minute (WGT005).

7 January 2020

DMC issue direction and minute (WGT004)

The DMC has considered a proposed new date for expert conferencing to allow for all the nominated experts to attend. The DMC has issued a third Direction and Minute (WGT004).

20 December 2019

DMC issue direction and minute (WGT003)

The DMC has met to (i) consider the persons nominated by organisations to attend expert conferencing to discuss the air dispersion modelling of methyl bromide, and (ii) the lead-in time required for any new controls. The DMC has issued a third Direction and Minute (WGT003).

28 November 2019

DMC issue direction and minute (WGT002)

The DMC issued a direction in the form of a minute (WGT002). In this minute the DMC clarified the content of direction and minute 18 November 2019 (WGT001), provided an update on monitoring undertaken by WorkSafe, and the proposed hearing dates, and requested expert conferencing regarding the parameters for further modelling which is to be commissioned based on the direction issued on 18 November 2018.

The DMC also requested additional monitoring and modelling information held by Genera Ltd and by the Bay of Plenty Regional Council in this minute.

18 November 2019

DMC issue direction and minute (WGT001)

After receiving and considering the modelling commissioned by the EPA, the DMC issued a direction in the form of a minute requesting additional information including monitoring and modelling.

To allow for this information to be sourced, the DMC directed us to issue a timeframe waiver to further postpone the beginning of the hearing until the 27 January at the earliest.

4 October 2019

Extend timeframe

The applicant was asked to consent to a time extension to allow additional air dispersion modelling to be commissioned.

Although they did not consent, we extended the timeframe between the close of submissions and the start of the hearing, until the week commencing 2 December 2019.

2 September 2019

Submission period closed

The submission period for the application closed. It was extended by two working days in response to submitter requests (under section 52 of the HSNO Act).

Seventy submissions were received, and are available on our website.

18 July 2019

Application publicly notified

The application opened for public submissions.

The information released includes the application form, appendices, and the applicant's response to our request for further information. It also includes our request to a number of third parties, and their responses.

15 April 2019

Further information and consent to waive a timeframe were requested (under sections 52 and 59 of the HSNO Act)

The applicant was asked to provide additional information to further inform their application, and to consent to a waiver on the timeframe for public notification to allow for provision of that information.

The applicant consented to the timeframe waiver on 29 April 2019 and advised that the information would be provided by 28 June 2019.

This information will form part of the reassessment application, which submitters will have an opportunity to comment on once the application is publicly notified.

12 April 2019

Decision on pathway determination and consultation method

We decided to process the reassessment application as a modified reassessment (section 63A(1) of the HSNO Act).

We decided that the application will be publicly notified (section 63A(5) of the HSNO Act).

9 April 2019

Application formally received

The application form was checked for mechanical completeness, and payment of the application fee received.

25 March 2019

Application to reassess methyl bromide lodged

An application form was provided on Friday 22 March, with the supporting appendices provided on 25 March.

18 April 2018

Grounds to reassess methyl bromide

An EPA decision-making committee decided that grounds existed to reassess methyl bromide (APP203465).

Note: This timeline is provided for information only and is not notification of an EPA decision-making process.