Provisional date set for methyl bromide reassessment hearing

17 March 2020

The EPA’s Decision-making Committee has set a provisional date of 27 July for the start of the methyl bromide reassessment hearing.

The application for the reassessment of methyl bromide, made by Stakeholders in Methyl Bromide Reduction Inc (STIMBR), continues to progress. Methyl bromide is used as a fumigant in the quarantine and pre-shipment treatment of logs.

Expert conferencing took place on 30 January, where a number of nominated experts in the field of air-dispersion modelling met to discuss and agree on statements of facts. The experts discussed models used to predict how methyl bromide disperses in open air from a fumigation source (e.g. log stack).

A joint witness statement was produced, and is available on our website, outlining the facts that the experts both agreed, and disagreed, on. Two matters remained outstanding; the experts are scheduled to reconvene to discuss those matters on 19 March 2020.

As a result of the first expert conferencing and joint witness statement, the Decision-making Committee has directed STIMBR to provide further air-dispersion modelling, using the model and parameters agreed to in the joint witness statement, to support their application.

In light of the timeframe required to conclude the expert conferring and for the applicant to provide the additional modelling, the hearing will provisionally start on 27 July 2020.

Read the Decision-making Committee’s 25 February 2020 Direction and Minute (pdf 298KB)

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