OMV Taranaki marine discharge consent granted

02 March 2020

An application by OMV Taranaki Limited for a non-notified marine discharge consent in the Taranaki Basin has been granted, subject to conditions.

Oil and gas company OMV Taranaki Ltd sought consent to discharge harmful substances contained in drilling fluids and cement into the marine environment from Māui Platform Alpha, located off the coast of Taranaki in New Zealand's exclusive economic zone.

These discharge activities are part of OMV Taranaki’s development drilling programme from the Māui Platform Alpha located off the Taranaki coast. These drilling activities are already authorised by a marine consent (EEZ000010).

We concluded that any adverse effects of the discharges on the marine environment are likely to be temporary and limited to an area within close proximity to Māui Platform Alpha.

Overall, we considered that any potential environmental effects are likely to be minor or less than minor.

Despite this, OMV Taranaki must comply with a number of conditions outlined in the decision document, including ensuring that the discharges do not exceed the maximum volume or mass specified for each harmful substance.

 This marine discharge consent (EEZ300012) will expire on 24 February 2023.

Read the full decision

Read our fact sheet about the marine consent application process (PDF, 414KB)