EPA puts more focus on compliance monitoring and enforcement

26 November 2019

Our Annual Report signals a change in focus for us as New Zealand’s only independent environmental regulator.

Chief Executive Allan Freeth says, “The EPA is transitioning from being a reactive manager of regulator processes to one where people and resources are marshalled in pursuit of the things that matter most to New Zealand and New Zealanders.

“This is reflected in our Annual Report, which charts our progress towards becoming a proactive regulator, with a commitment to protecting the environment and supporting a safe and sustainable way of life now and for the future.

“Over the past year, our work programme has put greater emphasis on streamlining processes and managing risk effectively.

“We’ve also focused more on engaging with customers, with Māori, and with scientists and environmental organisations overseas. 

“We’re working to connect with as diverse a range of New Zealanders as possible through new community involvement initiatives, to promote constructive discussion about how we can work together to achieve the best environmental outcomes.”

This year’s Annual Report features four staff profiles in which they explain what they do on a daily basis and why it’s important. Two case studies highlight how the work of the EPA can make a tangible improvement to the lives of New Zealanders.

Read the 2019 Annual Report