Deadline change for methyl bromide recapture

01 March 2021

Following a further application by the timber industry group Stakeholders In Methyl Bromide Reduction (STIMBR), an additional three months has been added to the recapture deadline for the fumigant methyl bromide.

The gas is mainly used to fumigate logs and timber products before they are exported. It is a toxic and ozone-depleting substance.

STIMBR is the applicant in a reassessment of the recapture requirements for methyl bromide. The approval to import or manufacture the gas cannot be revoked as part of this process.

Recapture was required by October 2020. However, STIMBR applied for and was granted two previous extensions, citing the lead-in time needed for letters of credit required for log exports to India to continue.

STIMBR applied to the Decision-making Committee (DMC) for a third waiver, which has now been granted, extending the recapture deadline to 28 November 2021.

The DMC considers it appropriate to issue a further extension, in order to provide certainty to the industry until a decision is reached on the reassessment application. This decision, and any future requirements, will take priority over the waiver.

The Environmental Protection Authority is committed to being completely transparent in the reassessment process. All of the material before the DMC is available on our website.

Read the official record of this decision (PDF, 275 KB)
Read about the modified reassessment of methyl bromide