We issue alerts to make sure important information reaches our customers quickly and clearly.

Chlorothalonil use banned outside of the workplace

We have banned products available for sale to the general public that contain chlorothalonil.

Rules for paraquat use

We have reassessed the use of paraquat in New Zealand. There are new restrictions and greater controls around its use. Find out what the rules are.

Safely eradicate household pests

We want to help you stay safe when you use over-the-counter pest control products.

Managing fire-fighting foams manufactured with PFAS chemicals

Find out what you need to do if your fire-fighting foam was manufactured using PFAS chemicals, including PFOS and PFOA.

Please check to see if you have 3M Light Water fire-fighting foam

In the light of EPA’s recent testing of fire-fighting foams at airports, this is a reminder to all industries using aqueous film-forming foams that some foams m...

How to dispose of fire-fighting foams containing PFOS

Find out more about your obligations for planning, managing and disposing of fire-fighting foams containing PFOS, and how we can help.

Microbeads ban: is your product affected?

From 7 June 2018 onwards, it is illegal to manufacture or sell some products containing microbeads in New Zealand. Find out more about the rules and whether you...

Is your boat paint legal to import and manufacture?

In June 2017, the rules for some antifouling paints changed. Find out what you need to do if your paint contains the chemicals: diuron, octhilinone or ziram.

Stay safe while preparing tank mixes

When mixing products containing hazardous substances - at work, on your land, at home, or anywhere else – you need to know what you are doing. Not all products ...

Safe use of products to kill fleas, flies and other insects

We have issued a caution notice to alert consumers to risks posed by over-the-counter products which contain synthetic pyrethroids to kill insects.

Potting mix can pose risk to human health

We are alerting consumers to the risks of using potting mix after the tragic passing of a Christchurch gardener from Legionnaires’ disease (legionellosis).

Hazard labelling on household chemicals

We want to help you stay safe when using chemical substances around your home and garden, by knowing what to look out for on labels and understanding what they ...

Make sure your hand-sanitising product is legal in New Zealand

During the COVID-19 pandemic, you may have questions about the rules for importing and manufacturing hand sanitisers. This guidance is for industry professional...