Making an application

Find out what you need to do to make an application under the Resource Management Act.

Any person may lodge one or more of the following matters with us:

  • applications for resource consent and changes or cancellation of consent conditions
  • notices of requirement for designations or heritage protection orders (including alterations)
  • requests for private plan changes or a regional plan.

We have 20 working days to make a recommendation to the Minister once 'a matter' is received.

We assesses the matter for completeness, provide a recommendation to the Minister about whether the matter is a proposal of national significance and advise whether the matter should be referred to a board of inquiry or to the Environment Court.

How to apply

The process of making an nationally significant proposal application is similar to applying to a council.

Applications referred to Local Authorities

The Minister for the Environment may refer an application to a Local Authority if it is not considered to be of national significance.

Applications referred to the Environment Court

Find out about applications that have been referred to the Environment Court.