How we work with councils

Councils play an important role in the nationally significant proposal process.

When an applicant lodges a matter with us they must also inform the relevant councils.

Recommendation to the Minister

When matters are lodged directly with us, we will work with the relevant council to ensure that their views on the direction are presented to the Minister. We expect to draw on the expert knowledge of the council, especially in relation to their plan and the potential local impacts of a proposal.

Board member appointments

If the Minister decides to refer a matter to a board of inquiry, councils will have the opportunity to suggest persons for appointment to the board. The Minister will make the final decision on board membership but he/she will consider the council's suggestions and also the need for the board to have local knowledge.

Commissioned reports

If the Minister refers a matter to a board of inquiry or the Environment Court, we must commission a report from the relevant local authority. That report must summarise the planning framework and will be considered by the board or Environment Court and made available to all parties.


Councils will have general responsibility for administering and monitoring compliance with any approvals given by boards of inquiry or the Environment Court.