Amend an existing approval

An amendment allows changes to a new organism approval after it has been given.

Definition of an amendment

An amendment allows changes to a new organism approval after it has been given – but only if the change is minor in effect, or corrects a minor or technical error. For example:

  • Changes to the approved organism description that do not change the overall risks.
  • Correcting typographical or drafting errors.
  • Adjusting existing controls to make them more practical, workable or enforceable.

To amend an approval given by the Institutional Biological Safety Committee (IBSC), please contact the approving IBSC.

Apply for an amendment to a new organism approval (doc 380KB)

An approved organism description

​An “approved organism description” lists what organism(s) an approval to import, develop, field test or release is for. An approved organism description may specify only one organism or a range of organisms.

Controls on new organism approvals

A new organism approval includes controls which eliminate or manage potentially significant adverse risks, such as:

  • a containment approval may require that the organism is held within a secure facility and only handled within a class II hood.
  • a release approval may require that only sterilised males are released.

Consulting with Māori about your proposed amendment

The nature of the amendment you wish to apply for will determine whether consultation with Māori is required. 

Read our guidance on consultation for applicants

Public notification of the proposal for an amendment

There is no public notification. A proposal to make an amendment is not open for public submission.

Process timeframe

There is no statutory time frame to process a proposal for an amendment. However, we will endeavour to process your proposal in a timely manner.

For fee information read our fees, charges and cost recovery page