What rules apply when

Find out when you need to comply with GHS 7 and other rules coming into force.

There is a transition period for both the changes that occurred on 1 December 2017 and the changes to move to GHS 7 on 30 April 2021.

The changes are outlined below.

All hazardous substances are required to be covered by a HSNO approval. You must also comply with any workplace regulations made under the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015 at all times.

Substances approved before 30 April 2021

If your hazardous substances were approved before 30 April 2021, you can continue to use your current labels, safety data sheets and packaging until 30 April 2025. However, we strongly encourage you to update your labels and safety data sheets to comply with the updated Labelling, Safety Data Sheet and Packaging Notices sooner rather than later.

You must make sure you follow all other rules immediately after 30 April 2021. These rules include the content of the:

  • Hazardous Substances (Importers and Manufacturers) Notice 2015
  • Hazardous Substances (Hazardous Property Controls) Notice 2017
  • Hazardous Substances (Disposal) Notice 2017.

Some substances may no longer be classified as hazardous after 30 April 2021, for example, a substance that only has a 6.3B classification. 

Check the Classifications and Fates list to see if this is the case (XLXS, 1.7MB)

If your substance is approved under a group standard

Due to some differences between the HSNO classifications and GHS 7, there may be a small number of substances covered by a different group standard than now. This mainly affects aerosols, which may not have been classified as flammable under the previous HSNO classification, but are flammable under GHS 7. In these cases, you will need to create a new record of assignment.

As part of updating your safety data sheets and labels, check whether the group standard you are using is still appropriate.

Approvals issued after 30 April 2021

If your substance is approved after 30 April 2021, you must follow all updated rules and use the GHS 7 classifications on safety data sheets.

We encourage you to classify any new substances you self-assign to approvals or group standards using GHS 7, as there may be differences between HSNO classifications and GHS 7.