Hazardous substance approvals

Information regarding the hazardous substances databases

Information regarding the hazardous substances databases

Currently the hazardous substance databases do not contain up-to-date information regarding the approval status, hazard classification and controls of hazardous substances. The following documents may help you find the correct information.


Individual Hazardous Substance Approvals (PDF, 8.64 MB)


GHS Classifications and Fates 30 April 2021 (XLSX, 1.72MB)

Hazardous substance approvals

When the EPA revised the hazard classification system, we also needed to revise all the individual approvals for substances. We either chose to retain and update, or revoke the approvals.

  • If we retained the approval, we updated the hazard classification to the new GHS 7 classifications, and also updated the controls where relevant. We have also indicated which parts of the Health and Safety at Work (Hazardous Substances) Regulations apply for workplace use. 
  • If we revoked the approval, this is because we believe the substance can be covered by a group standard. We have updated the hazard classifications of all revoked substances, and suggested a group standard that might be appropriate. However, you can elect to use a different group standard from the one we have proposed. 

In addition, due to not adopting certain GHS hazardous classifications, a number of individual approvals are now considered non-hazardous. These approvals are no longer regulated by the EPA.

There are also some approvals we are intending to update but have not done so yet. For these approvals, please use the existing hazard classification and follow the existing controls.

We have provided a searchable document that gives the fate of each individual approval (updated, revoked, now non-hazardous or yet to be updated) and a link to the updated individual approval documents, where you can find the updated hazard classification and controls.

Individual Hazardous Substance Approvals (PDF, 8.64 MB)

Revoked approvals

Please note that the HSNO approval numbers for revoked approvals have been provided for searching purposes only. These approval numbers no longer apply and you will need to update the safety data sheet (and any other documentation you may have) with the approval number and name of the group standard that now covers that substance.

More information about how to proceed with revoked approvals can be found here.

Individual Hazardous Substance Approvals (PDF, 8.64 MB)

Updated approvals

Each updated approval has been issued an approval document, which contain the updated hazard classification and controls. Our hazardous substance database will be updated to provide the same information in time, however the approval documents will remain the legal source of information. Our searchable document has links to all the approval documents to assist you in finding what you are looking for. We have also separated the approval documents into different approval groups.

Individual Hazardous Substance Approvals (PDF, 8.64 MB)

Additional information about approvals

We have also produced a spreadsheet which contains more information about the fate of every approval, the previous hazard classification and the updated hazard classification.

GHS Classifications and Fates 30 April 2021 (XLSX, 1.72MB)

Approval groups

Below is the list of approval groups. Each link take you to a page containing all the approval documents relating to that group. You may notice that some approval groups, such as vertebrate toxic agents, are not listed. We are still in the process of updating some approvals and will publish them when we have done them.

Antifouling Paints


Export Only and Formulation Only Pesticides

Flammable Substances, Oxidising Substances and Organic Peroxides




Other Hazardous Substances

Pesticide Active Ingredients


Schedule Toxic Substances

Seed Treatments

Timber Treatments and Antisapstain

Veterinary Medicines

How the EPA came to these decisions

The EPA consulted on these changes - more information about that consultation, including the different processes we went through to update the approvals, can be found here:

Implementing the Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals (GHS) – Consultation 2