Current Grandparented Eligibility Holders

See details of the parties that are eligible to apply for grandparented permits

Eligibility to apply for grandparented import permits were allocated under a scheme which closed in March 2019. Part, or all of, this eligibility can be transferred to other parties at any time. Present holders of grandparented eligibility are listed below.

How to transfer your grandparented eligibility

Importer Percentage of eligibility pool
Chemiplas (N.Z) Limited 29.2403
Temperzone Limited  8.0445 
Automotive Imports Proprietary Limited  1.4659 
ASGC NZ Limited 0.0047 
ILYS Limited   2.8558  
Fire Protection Technologies Limited  0.2027  
Patton Limited  4.1636 
Glowbal NZ Limited   0.5930 
Kirby NZ Limited  19.2788 
Realcold NZ Limited 11.2212
AHI Carrier (NZ) Limited 2.6985
General Distributors Limited 0.5170
CRC Industries New Zealand 0.0801
Pan Pacific Auto Electronics Limited 0.3567
BOC Limited 14.2299
Era Polymers NZ Limited 0.3327
Refrigeration Specialities