Importing and exporting hydrofluorocarbon gases (HFCs)

If you plan to import or export bulk HFC gases into or out of New Zealand after 31 December 2019, you must apply for a permit. Find out more here.

Under the law, "bulk HFC" means new or recycled HFC gas in an unprocessed form - alone or in a mixture - in a container used for gas transport or storage. HFCs in manufactured products, such as car air-conditioning systems or fire extinguishers, do not need an import or export permit.  

Why the rules for HFCs changed

A change in the rules ensures that New Zealand law is in line with the Kigali Amendment, an international agreement for reducing the levels of HFCs in the Earth...

Types of permit and how to apply

Make sure you apply for the right type of permit to ship your new or recycled HFCs. We explain how and when to apply here.

How to calculate the carbon dioxide equivalent for your HFC shipment

These resources explain how to make this calculation using an online tool, some of the technical terms, and how you use this calculation.

Grandparented eligibility for HFC importers

If you imported new bulk HFCs in 2015, 2016 or 2017, you were able to apply for eligibility to apply for grandparented import permits. Applications closed 18 Ma...