Issuing a new group standard approval

If your hazardous substance does not fit within an existing group standard, a new group standard may need to be issued. Find out how this works.

A new group standard may be issued on the initiative of the EPA or because of an application made by anyone.

What you need to do

To apply for a new group standard to be issued, you need to demonstrate that:

  • the proposed group standard is a more efficient and effective way of managing the risks of all the substances in the group
  • all the substances or products in the group standard have a similar nature, are of a similar type, or have a similar circumstance of use, such that the risks of the substances or products can be effectively managed by one set of conditions. 

You will also need to provide information on the best international practices and standards for the safe management of hazardous substances.

Consult with Māori

You may need to consult with Māori if risks of significance to Māori are identified. 

Read our guidance on consultation for applicants.​

What's the process?

Applications to issue a new group standard are processed via the publicly notified application pathway. The statutory timeframe for processing this type of application is 100 working days. Anyone may make a written submission on the proposed issuing of a group standard.

The fee is negotiated.

Making an application

To apply for a new group standard, please contact us on 0800 2255 372 (0800 CALL EPA) or email: