Evaluation of hazardous substances compliance system

The Technical Working Group has finished its evaluation of the hazardous substances compliance system.

The Technical Working Group started its evaluation of the hazardous substances compliance system in October 2018, and has recently submitted its report to the chief executives of the Ministry for the Environment and the EPA.

We had anticipated publishing the report in October 2019, however we now expect to make it publicly available by the end of 2019.

The hazardous substances compliance system is designed to protect New Zealand and New Zealanders from environmental risks and disasters.

While rare, environmental incidents involving chemicals and other hazardous substances have highlighted the need to look at the existing compliance system.

Compliance and enforcement action needs to be swift and sure, which is why we funded an independent Technical Working Group to analyse the hazardous substances compliance system; comment on whether it is fit for purpose; and recommend improvements.

About this evaluation

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Independent Technical Working Group members

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