Participating in the ETS

As a Participant in the New Zealand Emissions Trading Scheme there are certain obligations you must meet.

Participants in the New Zealand Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) are required to meet a number of obligations in the scheme. This page provides guidance to help participants ensure they are fulfilling all of these requirements. There's also some information about other elements of the Scheme.

Changes to the CCRA legislation and the application of the Fixed Price Option

The Fixed Price Option (FPO) or the ability to pay money instead of surrendering or repaying units, increased from $25 to $35, for participants to use to cover emissions in 2020. The FPO will remain in place during the transition to auctioning.

If you have any queries about which rate to use for an upcoming obligation, please get in touch with us and provide as much background for your situation as possible and we will get in contact with you.

You can email us at

Key dates in the ETS

  • 31 January: Unique Emissions Factor (UEF) applications need to be completed in the Register by 31 January.
  • 31 March: emissions reporting for the previous calendar year will open on 1 January each year, and all participants will need to submit an Annual Emissions Return by 31 March.
  • 30 April: Industrial Allocation applications can be submitted at any time from 1 January and must be completed in the Register by 30 April.
  • 31 May: participants must surrender the emission unit obligations calculated in their Annual Emissions Return by 31 May each year.

Participants' reports

We produce a quarterly report showing the addition and removal of participants for a specified activity and timeframe.

Participants in the the ETS

Emissions reporting

Information on when and how to submit an emissions return.

Surrendering units

Some participants are required to acquire and surrender New Zealand Units to meet their ETS obligations. Find out what you need to do.

Compliance in the ETS

As a participant in the ETS there are obligations which you must meet. Find out what you need to do to ensure you comply.

Unique Emissions Factors

This page provides information for participants looking to obtain a Unique Emissions Factor (UEF).

Removal activities

If you carry out an activity that removes greenhouse gases from the atmosphere, you might be eligible to receive New Zealand Units.

Third party security interests

Account Holders can authorise a third party to create a security interest over their New Zealand Units.