ETS reports

Reports are grouped by topic and contain current data as well as historic data from previous reports.

Information previously published in the ETS annual report is now available in the following separate reports:

  • ETS participants report
  • ETS emissions returns report
  • ETS non-compliance report
  • ETS unit movement report.

Prior to 2020, we released an ETS report, a Synthetic Greenhouse Gas Levy report and a facts and figures information sheet every year. This information can now be found in the new reports. All historic reports can be provided on request. 

ETS unit movement

We update this interactive report every quarter. It shows ETS unit movements, including surrenders, allocations and entitlements.

Participants in the ETS

This is a quarterly report showing the addition and removal of participants for a specified activity and timeframe.


This report shows the number of participants who failed to comply with an obligation to submit an emissions return, or surrender or repay units by the specified…

Emissions returns report

Emissions returns contain data about the emissions caused by the participants carrying out their activity, and/or about removals of greenhouse gases from the at…

Industrial allocations

An industrial allocation is an allocation of units which is given to a business carrying out an activity that is recognised as being impacted by the NZETS.

Carbon markets

Each month carbon market information is updated. The data available shows current and historic trends.

Synthetic Greenhouse Gas Levy

Each quarter we publish updated information on the activities relating to the synthetic greenhouse gas levy.

Register reports

The New Zealand Emissions Trading Register (NZETR) has numerous reports available to the public.