Undertake an activity

Find out about the types of activities you can conduct in the EEZ and what you need to do to undertake them.

Burial at sea

Anyone can be buried at sea in New Zealand, as long as you follow some simple rules.

Discharge of harmful substances

Regulations cover what types of discharges are permitted, prohibited or subject to a marine discharge consent issued by the EPA.

Dumping of waste or other matter

Certain waste can be disposed of offshore under a marine dumping consent. It is prohibited to dump some types of waste.

Marine scientific research, prospecting and exploration

Certain activities are permitted in the EEZ without a marine consent as long as you follow certain rules.

Marine seismic surveys

Seismic surveys gather data about geological formations below the ground or seabed using sound waves.

Oil and gas operations

Activities to explore for or produce oil and gas in the EEZ usually involve a number of steps.

Permitted marine structures

These are structures constructed or placed on the seabed, during or for the purpose of carrying out, a permitted activity.

Seabed mining

Looking for and extracting minerals from the seabed may require certain marine consents.

Submarine cabling

The placement, removal or maintenance of a submarine cable on the seabed of the EEZ is a permitted activity.

Space vehicle launches

Material jettisoned from a launch of a space vehicle can be deposited on the seabed, if you follow certain rules.


Rulings allow petroleum operators to continue with activities that existed before the EEZ Act came into force.

Other activities

If you are planning to undertake any other activities in the Exclusive Economic Zone please contact us.