Previous applications and activities

A number of activities have taken place in the EEZ, from oil rig maintenance to marine research. Find out about these completed activities.

Discharge of harmful substances

Decision reports for marine discharge consents applications under the Exclusive Economic Zone and Continental Shelf (Environmental Effects) Act 2012.

Dumping of waste or other matter

Decision reports for dumping consents applied for under the Discharge and Dumping Regulations (2015).

Marine scientific research, prospecting and exploration

Marine scientific research, prospecting and exploration are permitted activities if you follow certain rules.

Marine seismic surveys

Read about previous seismic survey activities here.

Oil and gas operations

This page has the decision reports for granting or declining previous notified and non-notified marine consent applications since 2013.

Permitted marine structures

These are structures constructed or placed on the seabed, during or for the purpose of carrying out, a permitted activity.


Rulings allow petroleum operators to continue with activities that existed before the EEZ Act came into force.

Seabed mining

Decision reports for notified marine consent applications since 2013.

Space vehicle launches

Anyone who launches a space vehicle that deposits material in the EEZ or Continental Shelf must meet certain reporting requirements.

Submarine cabling

Read about completed submarine cabling activities here.