Compliance monitoring

We are responsible for ensuring people comply with the rules and conditions of their marine consent. Find out how.

We have a multi-disciplined team of warranted enforcement officers responsible for compliance, monitoring, and enforcement of requirements under the EEZ Act, regulations and consent conditions.

We work strategically to promote compliance so that our resources are used efficiently and with maximum effect. Principles for how we monitor compliance are outlined in our EEZ Compliance Monitoring Policy.

EEZ Compliance Monitoring Policy (pdf 513KB)

Some consent conditions require us to review plans, results and reports that are submitted by consent holders and either approve or decline these submitted documents.

View a summary of our decisions made under consent conditions


Monitoring is undertaken by reviewing information that is routinely provided from offshore operators to meet their consent and regulatory requirements. We also use our powers under the EEZ Act to undertake inspections, periodically visiting onshore offices and heading offshore to visit structures and ships working in the EEZ.

We take a risk-based approach to determine the level of planned monitoring, and this is outlined in our EEZ Compliance and Enforcement Programme. We review our plan regularly to re-evaluate risks and identify priority areas, where extra focus may be warranted.

EEZ Compliance and Enforcement Programme (pdf 404KB)


We are committed to promoting compliance through regular engagement with the public, industry, and other regulators. This approach is described in our Engagement Strategy.

EEZ Compliance Engagement Strategy (pdf 604KB)


When non-compliance is detected, we investigate and work with operators to ensure the environment is protected from pollution, and a return to compliance is prioritised.


In some situations, we may use enforcement tools to direct compliance or penalise offending. This action is taken after careful consideration of the desired outcome, and by following guidance in our compliance policy document.

EPA Compliance: Our Approach (pdf 1.9MB)