Fast-track consenting timeline

Description of timeline diagram for the fast-track consenting process.

Step 1

Application is lodged with the EPA

Step 2

EPA assesses whether the application contains the information required by the Act and refers the application to the panel or returns the application.

Duration: if a panel has been appointed, 5 working days (if not, a panel must be appointed without undue delay)

Step 3

Panel may invite comments

Duration: (Up to) 5 working days after the application is referred to a panel

Step 4

Comments must be received by the EPA

Duration: 10 working days from invitation

Step 5

Applicant may respond to comments

Duration: 5 working days from date of receiving comments

Step 6

Panel must seek comments on draft conditions

Duration: Timing as specified by the panel

Step 7

Panel must make decision

Duration: 25 working days from date of receiving comments

Step 8

Panel may extend decision timeframe

Duration: 25 workings day from date of extension

Step 9

Decision may be appealed to the High Court

Duration: 15 working days after the date the decision was notified