Making an application

Applications for fast-track projects must meet information requirements set out in the Act.

Before you make an application

You should contact the EPA as soon as possible to discuss your application before it is lodged with us. 

The timeframes for considering resource consent applications, and notices of requirement for listed and referred projects, is short. This means applicants need to be well prepared, and applications need to contain the required information as described in Schedule 6 of the Act.

Get in touch with the EPA 

More information about the timeframe process for fast-track consenting applications

Information requirements

Your application must include the required information and comply with any restrictions or obligations specified in the Act. 

The information must be in sufficient detail that corresponds with the scale and significance of the effects that the activity may have on the environment, taking into account any proposals to manage the adverse effects through conditions. If these information requirements are not met, the EPA must return your application.

Make an application 

Applications to the EPA must be made on the approved form: 

Fast-track Consenting Application Form (docx 57 KB)

Fast-track Consenting Application Form (pdf 228 KB)

Completed applications can be sent to the EPA at

Cost Recovery

The EPA may recover from a person the actual and reasonable costs incurred by the EPA in providing the person with assistance prior to a resource consent application, notice of requirement or an application for a certificate of compliance being lodged with the EPA. 

The EPA may recover the actual and reasonable costs from a consent applicant or requiring authority that are incurred:

  • by the EPA after lodgement in carrying out its functions under the Act

  • in relation to a panel performing its functions, on behalf of the Minister for the Environment

  • in relation to local authority advice to an expert consenting panel.

Read about recovery of costs in clauses 13 and 14 in Schedule 5 of the Act - New Zealand Legislation website

Read the EPA cost recovery policy (pdf 630 KB)