Queenstown arterials project

To construct, maintain and operate a new Queenstown Town Centre urban arterial road.

This project involves includes the associated infrastructure, structures, walkways, shared path and landscaping. 

This project is identified as LP17 in the Act. 

The application

Queenstown Lakes District Council have lodged a resource consent application and notice of requirement, for the Queenstown arterials project.

Expert Consenting Panel

Information about the panel appointed to consider and decide the Queenstown arterials project application.

Comments from invited parties

The panel can invite parties to comment on the application.

Draft conditions

On 18 March 2021, the Queenstown arterials project expert consenting panel released the draft conditions for the application.

Correspondence to and from the panel

This page has correspondence to and from the Queenstown Arterials Project expert consenting panel, and minutes and directions from the panel.

Reports and advice

Read reports and advice sought in relation to the Queenstown arterials project application.