Workplace products

The rules surrounding hazardous substances differ between workplaces and the home.

We decide which hazardous substances are allowed into new Zealand and set rules about how they are packaged, what labels they have, and a number of other rules.

We also set the rules about how you use these substances at home, so when you use such products as toothpaste or paints in and around your home, you will be following the rules set by us.

When you use any hazardous substance in your place of work, you will be following the rules set by WorkSafe New Zealand.

You could be using the same paint at home and at work, but the rules will be set by different agencies. We work closely with WorkSafe New Zealand to make sure that there is as much overlap in the rules as possible.

To make sure you are using your substances correctly at work, we recommend you look at WorkSafe's Hazardous Substances Toolbox - Working safely with hazardous substances.

Hazardous Substances Toolbox - WorkSafe website