Safer homes, healthier environment

Find out how to keep yourself, whānau, community and the environment protected. Keep safe around chemicals, look after the environment, and reduce the impact of climate change.

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Household chemicals

We come into contact with chemicals and hazardous substances every day: use them with care.

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Protecting our environment from chemicals

You can make changes to help lessen the impact of chemicals on our environment, to protect it now and for future generations.

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Protecting our climate

Making small changes at home and in your community can reduce greenhouse gases, protect our climate, and save you money.

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Animals and insects

Animals and insects can be both a help and a hindrance in New Zealand. Find out how to keep them safe, or exterminate them.



Spray paints, deodorants, fly sprays, hair sprays and other products are sold in aerosol containers under pressure and need to be used carefully.

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Cosmetics, face paints and art supplies

Everyday items you use like cosmetics and soap, and kids' face paints can be harmful to your family and whānau. Follow our advice on buying and using them.


Fireworks, Christmas crackers and party poppers

Fireworks, Christmas crackers and party poppers are explosives. Keep safe while you are having fun.


Gardening products

Weed killers, pest sprays, fertilisers and other gardening products can be harmful. Take extra care when using, storing, and disposing of these to protect yours…

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LPG at home and outside of work

This page has information about storing liquid petroleum gas (LPG) safely in your home and other places outside of work, as well as information for LPG professi…



Petrol is very common but also extremely dangerous. We have some tips on how to use it safely.

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Paints and thinners

Paints and paint thinners (solvents) can be hazardous to your health and to the environment. We have advice on how to use them safely.

Boat paint

Painting your boat

Many boat paints are useful for keeping your boat free of plants and animals, but there are some risks associated with using them.

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Safer Homes programme

Find out more about the Safer Homes programme and download activities and resources.


Spa and pool chemicals

You can use a range of chemicals to keep your spa and pool water clean. We've got some tips for using them safely.

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Treated timber

Most building timber is treated with preservatives to stop the wood from rotting and to protect it from burrowing insects. Treated timber is used to build homes…


Workplace products

The rules surrounding hazardous substances differ between workplaces and the home.