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  • GMD00204

    Decision notified date: 24/07/2000

    To study the structure of the VP2 protein of infectious bursal disease virus. Update of GMO00/MU001

  • GMD02099

    Decision notified date: 17/01/2003

    To develop in containment ONYX-015 and ONYX-411 adenoviruses modified with prodrug-activating genes to improve their utility in cancer treatment and reporter ge…

  • GMD99089

    Decision notified date: 11/05/1999

    To investigate the expression in and protein secretion from insect cells in vitro and in vivo of an insect moulting inhibitor protein transgene placed in an ins…

  • GMC09005

    Decision notified date: 12/05/2009

    To import genetically modified forms of ovine and human adenovirus to be used in laboratory studies that examine the efficacy of adenoviruses as vaccine vectors

  • APP201632

    Decision notified date: 08/01/2013

    To import recombinant adeno-associated replication defective viruses for targeted gene deletion and gene delivery in the brain of laboratory mouse models in ord…

  • GMD03049

    Decision notified date: 19/05/2003

    To produce orf virus proteins and subsequently determine the atomic structures of the protein molecules

  • APP203456

    Decision notified date: 07/02/2018

    To import or manufacture JEV a liquid containing inactivated Japanese encephalitis virus (Strain BM111) > 10^7.3 TCID50 for use as a vaccine in horses.

  • GMD99074

    Decision notified date: 25/04/1999

    To develop a regulatable promotor for the AcMNPV baculovirus expression vector system.

  • GMC99015

    Decision notified date: 17/01/2001

    To gain approval under section 259 of the HSNO Act 1996 to maintain in containment microorganisms that provide a source of full-length clones of cDNA encoding p…

  • APP202854

    Decision notified date: 12/02/2018

    To import for release a genetically modified adenovirus (Telomelysin) for use in a Phase II clinical trial for patients with advanced melanoma