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  • APP202942

    Decision notified date: 07/02/2019

    To import Buzz Ultra 750 WG Fungicide, a water dispersible granule containing 750 g/kg tebuconazole for control of diseases in wheat, barley, oats, ryegrass see...

  • APP203757

    To import or manufacture for release GF-3308, an emulsifiable concentrate containing 50 g fenpicoxamid/L for the control of Septoria tritici in wheat

  • APP203792

    Decision notified date: 20/05/2019

    to seek approval for the import and release of a surfactant for the reformulation into personal care products.

  • APP203857

    Decision notified date: 12/07/2019

    To import or manufacture Experimental Agricultural Chemicals identified by a code number in containment

  • HSC08030

    Decision notified date: 07/11/2008

    To import or manufacture into containment PAPP bait as a potential vertebrate toxic agent to undertake a field trial on stoats (field trial).

  • HSC08024

    Decision notified date: 04/11/2008

    To import or manufacture into containment experimental plant protection compounds for the purpose of testing for the control of weeds, plant damaging organisms ...

  • HSC08020

    Decision notified date: 19/11/2008

    To import or manufacture into containment Erayse Rodent baits as semi-chronic poisons for the control of rats. (Field trial)

  • S2606007

    Decision notified date: 07/11/2006

    To determine whether Cyclotella meneghiniana is a new organism

  • ERMA200083

    Decision notified date: 23/10/2009

    To import or manufacture into containment a pellet bait containing potassium cyanide at 475 g/kg to undertake a field trial on Bennett’s wallaby in the South Is...

  • HSC07047

    Decision notified date: 26/02/2008

    Experimental compounds for aquatic trials: to test compounds in experimental stream channels and assess efficacy on Didymosphenia geminata (didymo) and assess n...