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  • PNZ1000218

    Decision notified date: 18/03/2015

    Confirmation whether Pleurotus djamor (syn P. opuntiae) is present in New Zealand

  • HSC04028

    Decision notified date: 12/11/2004

    To import or manufacture under containment for field testing WRS-X-Q1, WRS-X-Q2, WRS-X-Q3, WRS-X-Q4 and WRS-X-Q5 for the purpose of control of plant-damaging or...

  • GMD01135

    Decision notified date: 10/05/2001

    Mice will be used to study real time changes to the cytoskeleton and morphology of the mouse oocyte in response to proteins, chemical agents, fertilisation and ...

  • APP203148

    Decision notified date: 15/03/2017

    To import Kudos, a water dispersible granule containing prohexadione-calcium at 100 g/kg for use as a plant growth regulator for pome fruit

  • GMD01120

    Decision notified date: 03/07/2000

    This application describes work to improve and develop transformation of pine to introduce genes with the potential to improve sustainable production and unders...

  • GMD01115

    Decision notified date: 27/03/2001

    To introduce various genes into Brassicaceae. Update of GMO00/CFR002

  • GMD01106

    Decision notified date: 10/05/2001

    To use genetically modified Orf NZ7 virus in the study to determine the role of the IL-10 gene in virulence.

  • GMD01100

    Decision notified date: 10/05/2001

    To generate probes for the study of cartilage defects involved in premature osteoarthritis

  • PNZ1000155

    Decision notified date: 25/03/2013

    Status of an eucalyptus beetle: Paropsisterna beata

  • GMD01088

    Decision notified date: 10/05/2001

    To enable nucleic acid probes and Candida albicans peptides to be made that can be used to measure the expression of putative virulence genes in C. albicans.