Exclusive Economic Zone

You need a marine consent to undertake a restricted activity in the Exclusive Economic Zone.

The EEZ Act lists the types of activities that need a consent, as well as permitted and prohibited activities. Permitted activities don't need a consent, but the regulations set out a number of conditions that operators have to meet.

Follow the steps below to make a marine consent, marine dumping consent, or marine discharge consent application. Feel free to contact us for any further information on marine consent applications.

How to apply for a marine consent

Step 1: Contact us prior to lodgement

Prior to lodging your application for a marine consent, marine dumping consent, or a marine discharge consent, you should contact us to discuss your application. This is an opportunity to understand the consent application processes for your proposed activity. The pre-lodgement process can lead to a more timely and effective process once your application is lodged. 

Our contact details

Step 2: Send us a letter of intent

Next, send us a letter of intent so we can prepare our project management and finance systems for your application.

During this pre-lodgement period, we will provide you with a cost estimate and we will send you an invoice initiation form to allow us to begin recovering costs.

View the EEZ Cost Recovery Policy (pdf 126KB)

You can use the Completeness Tool to see how each of your proposed activities may be restricted by the EEZ Act. This will help us understand which types of activities you are applying for and which type of marine consent(s) you may require.

View the Completeness Tool (xlsx 117KB)

Step 3: Making your marine consent application

To make your application for a marine consent, marine dumping consent, or a marine discharge consent, you must:

1. Complete the correct application form for the type of marine consent you are seeking:

Marine consent application form (docx 270KB)

Marine dumping consent application form (docx 263KB)

Marine discharge consent application form (docx 265 KB)

If you are unsure which form to complete for your proposed activity, please contact us.

If your proposed activity is related to the decommissioning of an offshore installation (or an associated structure, submarine cable, or submarine pipeline), please contact us prior to lodging your application.

2. Provide an Impact Assessment

When you submit your application, you must include an Impact Assessment prepared in accordance with the requirements set out in section 39 of the EEZ Act.

Section 39 of the EEZ Act - NZ Legislation website

Dumping and Discharge regulations - NZ Legislation website

If your proposed activity relates to an activity referred to in sections 20(2)(a), (b), or (c) of the EEZ Act, you must include a description of how and when any structure, submarine pipeline, or submarine cable will be dealt with at the end of its life.

To see the full legislative requirements for making your application, see section 38 of the EEZ Act.