How to apply

Connect with experts for tailored advice and find the tools that will support you in making a comprehensive application.

There are different ways of making an application, depending on the type of approval you need and the industry area you operate in. 

Hazardous substances

All hazardous substances need approval for use in New Zealand. You also need approval to move and export them. We can help you find out if your hazardous substance is already approved, if it needs approval and guide you through an application process. 

Hazardous substances at home

We set rules for safe use of over 100,000 commonly used hazardous substances, including cleaners, cosmetics and fireworks. Get advice on using these and other everyday products safely.

Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) and Continental Shelf (CS)

A marine consent is an approval granted by the EPA to undertake an activity restricted by the Exclusive Economic Zone and Continental Shelf (Environmental Effects) Act 2012 (EEZ Act). The EEZ Act list the types of activities that require a marine consent as well as permitted and prohibited activities. Permitted activities do not need a marine consent from the EPA but the regulations set out a number of conditions that operators have to meet.

The EPA strongly recommends that anyone considering applying for a marine consent enters into a pre-lodgement process with the EPA. This is an opportunity to understand the consent application processes relevant to the proposed activity. The pre-lodgement process can lead to a more timely and effective process once the application is lodged.

Contact the EEZ Applications team for further information on marine consent applications.

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