Engagement during the application process

Anyone planning to submit an application or proposal to the EPA must engage with Māori groups whose interests could be affected by the application.

If you’re planning to submit an application or proposal to the EPA, you’ll first need to assess whether your application may have a significant impact on outcomes of importance to Māori.

Māori engagement guideline for hazardous substances notified applications (pdf 521KB)

It’s important that you talk to the EPA before making a final decision on whether you need to engage with Māori – and deciding how you’ll approach any engagement.

Pre-l​​​odgement engagement​ Plus

​If your application is likely to be of particular interest to Māori, you’ll need to engage with the relevant Māori groups b​efore you submit it.

  • Carrying out the engagement before you lodge your application ​​helps ensure there is a genuine opportunity for Māori to influence the aspects of the application that are relevant to their interests.
  • You may amend some aspects of your application as a result of this consultation.

After your application (or proposal) is submitted to the EPA, the decision makers will use information gathered during the engagement phase to make an informed judgment about the potential impact of the application on Māori.

Pre-hearing engagement Plus

A public hearing is held if any submitter requests this.

During the pre-hearing process, you may need to meet with Māori groups and other submitters.

  • Before the hearing, the EPA may organise facilitation meetings and expert conferencing between parties. The purpose of these meetings is to focus issues and help parties reach agreement on solutions.
  • You may choose to hold your own meetings with submitters.

The EPA can provide you with advice and assistance during this process.

Post-approval engagement Plus

After the Decision, you’ll be expected to continue to engage with Māori groups that are affected by the Decision.

Maintaining relationships​ post-approv​al​

Engagement process Plus

Consultation flowchart

Cost Plus

You may need to cover any costs associated with the engagement.

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