This page provides site accessibility information for this website, including the New Zealand Government web standards.

Web standards

As far as possible this site has been developed in accordance with the following New Zealand Government standards:

Web Accessibility Standard 1.1

Web Usability Standard 1.3

This website should display correctly in all common browsers, operating systems and page resolutions; with and without scripting, images and stylesheets; on a PC or Mac; and for people with dial-up as well as broadband connections.

Adjusting the text size

This site has been designed to display correctly when the text size is increased.

To increase the text size: Hold down Ctrl and tap the + key.
To decrease the text size: Hold down Ctrl and tap the – key.

If you have an older browser, you may need to do this differently. Look under the View menu (or similar) for  ‘Increase text size’.

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